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Makes a stupid comment on phone
Hurries the hell to computer to delete it
Congrats on 100 watchers! by Darksider73
Congrats on 100 watchers!
A little gift to EnvyQ00 for making it to 100 watchers! Congrats! :D
No Art Teaching by Darksider73
No Art Teaching
Like seriously, I have not been taught any art skills at all.
And I have so many ideas but I can't draw for shit ;-;
Feeling Greedy? by Darksider73
Feeling Greedy?
I LOVE Greed Mode in Binding Of Isaac Afterbirth!
16 Milestone! by Darksider73
16 Milestone!
Okay, maybe 16 isn't a lot, but 16 people actually liking my art is a lot to me!
To be honest, I started this account just to be able to comment and favorite, but after 3 years, I posted art. It got little attention, and still does now, but I just love to doodle and post! The people in this pic are those that I was inspired and support me. Again, thank you all!

DancingGerbil StripedSweater10 Zhespy115 IllicitZombiex 
I'm sorry by Darksider73
I'm sorry
So yeah, I've succumb to the trash ships. I try to keep a minimum of the Yellow as I really don't "hate" ships.

Papydyne: The calls between them and the moments they had in game are so adorable ;w;
Alphys x Sans: This is really just a head cannon that Sans and Gaster worked with Alphys before Gaster's "fall", during the time in which the two have a relationship.
Muffet x Napstablook: A spider girl with a cute ghost, how much adorableness do you need?
Toriel x Asgore: Yes, bring the goat parents together ;u;
Charisk: I like the idea of Frisk balancing Chara's killing hobbies and overall byotiful
CharAsriel: These two...These two little shits...are fucking adorable.
Dog Marriage: yes. much cute. such perfection. wow.
Temmie x Annoying Dog: I really have no idea. .u.

Alphys x Undyne: Canon and adorable.
Frisk x Monster Kid: I can imagine Monster Kid having a small crush on Frisk.
Tsundere Plane x Frisk: The battle was cute .w.
Burger Pants x Nice Cream/ Bratty x Catty: I really have no idea why I ship this. It's something I can't explain. :v
Chara x Sans: Ah yes, the most confusing ship on this. Well I have a good explanation on why I do ship it.....I have no idea ;u;
RG 01 x RG 02: Not gonna lie, I was pretty discomforted by the battle, but the overall idea is cute .u.

Napstablook x Mettaton: Ehhh....doesn't really bother me too much.
Skelebros/Gaster x Frisk: Again, it doesn't bother me too much, but I have a small liking to it too.
Temmie x Aaron: Bizzare. ._.
Asriel x Flowey: Who knew one can love himself.
Vulkin x Tsundere Plane: Meh.
Mad Dummy x Dummy: Dummy-Cest?
Mettaton x Toriel: Uh...Well, it's not your ordinary ship that's for sure.

Soriel: PLATONIC. Also I can't stand thinking about Asriel without Goat Mom or Goat Dad .n.
Papyton: I...really don't know how this became a thing. It doesn't appeal to me at all.
Gaster x Skelebros: Dadster m8.
Fontcest: *DISCOMFORT*


I dunno, Derp?
United States
Hello everyone! This is Darksider73 and I love playing tf2 and regice is my avatar is regice. i love gmod memes and spoofs if tf2 but my 2 most fav ones are..... :iconpainiscupcakeplz: and :icondemopanplz:. well i hope you enjoyed see ya!

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